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Najah Owens

Director, Producer, Editor

Najah is a competitive bowler and filmmaker who attended North Carolina A&T (c/o '16), winning an intercollegiate national championship. She is deeply connected to the bowling community and having experienced its challenges firsthand, she is determined to inspire change within the sport and share it with the world the way the bowling community sees it: as a sport requiring hard work and dedication, with a diverse group of athletes who know it's more than just a game. Holding an MFA in Film and Television from SCAD (c/o ’21), Najah's journey embodies a fusion of athleticism and artistic finesse.

Nora Long

Producer, Cinematographer

Nora Long is a producer, director, and cinematographer of narrative and documentary films, as well as episodic, branded, and commercial content. She strives to use moving imagery as a medium for positive social change, exploration, and advocacy. She holds an MFA in Film & Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


Gazmine "GG" Mason

Featured Participant

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A Professional Women’s Bowling Athlete from Rhode Island, she is the only sponsored African American on the PWBA since joining in 2019. GG is the first African American female to win the Olympic Singles and all events gold for the USA team and is a four-time gold medalist. She is also the first African American to compete for the University of Nebraska and the first to receive the All-American award.


In 2017 GG created a group called "Black Girls Can Bowl 2," highlighting and recognizing women of color who are underrepresented in the sport of bowling. And, in 2021, GG and her parents established the Gazmine Mason Foundation: a non-profit seeking to create opportunities for bowling athletes, especially youth lacking the needed resources to move forward in their bowling careers.

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